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Pollock's Toy Shop - Covent Garden

The Best Toy Theatre Shop in the World (Covent Garden)


The Best Toy Theatre & Puppet Book Shop

The Toy Theatre Gallery

Many reproduction plays for sale


USA Site that sells books and Prints

Information Sites with Items for Sale

The Toy Theatre Shop

The Best Internet Toy Theatre Shop, with free Downloads

The Toy Theatre Shop 2

The Best Internet Toy Theatre Shop, with free Downloads (New Site?)

The English Toy Theatre

Web-site Under Construction – Should be good when it goes live.

Lucia’s Web Site

Wonderful site with many images


Pollock's Toy Museum – New Site

Information Site for Pollock Toy Museum in Scala Street

Pollock’s Toy Museum (Trustees)

Information Site for the Trustees of the Pollock Toy Museum Trust

General Toy Theayre Information Sites

Gigi & Glen Sandberg’s - Toy Theatre Company

General Toy Theatre Information Site, by the late Gigi Sandberg – Still good.

The Osborne Collection

Includes a digital performance of The Silver Palace

The New Penny Plain & Twopence Coloured

Detailed Toy Theatre Information Site – Has the best Blog on Toy Theatres

Victoria & Albert Museum

Download of Pollock’s Cinderella – VAM Site

How to make a Toy Theatre by Brian Marshall

Download an easy Toy Theatre to make

Joseph Hope-Williams - Juvenile Drama

A wonderful site, with recent publications

Conrad Bladey's Guy Fawkes Site

Info site about Guy Fawkes.

British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild

Official Webiste of the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild

East London Theatre

Fantastic site for playbills etc

Performers Own Web Sites

Joe Gladwin – Toy Theatre Performances

One of the top performers own website

Robert Poulter's New Website

One of the top performers own website

World Wide Toy Theatre sites

Toy Theater at Kannik's Korner

Great World Wide Toy Theatre Web-site – With Items for Sale.

Cosprop Exhibitions

Internet Groups

Toy Theatre Group

Why not join the best Toy Theatre Group on the Internet?