Issue 15 – February 2010




Welcome to the fifteenth news bulletin for “Hugo’s Toy Theatre”.


Web Site Updates


I have expanded on the Sales (Hugo’s Printing Press) to include sales of Original Sheets – Click here to go to the Sales Pages. I have used a new interface for these pages (to make it quicker for me to update), so if they don’t work please let me know and I will revert them to the old format.


The other main additions are a page for “John Fairburn” in the Publishers section, plus more images added for John Redington’s imprinted works.


The Search for Works of JK Green


Nothing to add this time as far a JK Green is concerned.


Toy Theatre in General


Nigel Peever appears to have taken on the mantle of Performer and Publisher and produced some wonderful works, with more to follow. Last time I mentioned his Blurb Book with over 400 pages of Toy Theatre sheets. But his latest publication surpasses that by a country mile. He has produced a computer-animated production of “The Corsican Brothers”. It is truly a masterpiece. Professional put together, with a quality soundtrack and excellent performances from his tiny cast of two. Top this with a suitably sublime introduction by Peter Baldwin and he has put together a DVD that should be on all our Christmas lists for years to come. How am I going to be able wait for his next production, that of “The Battle of Waterloo”? It takes Nigel many months of hard work to produce the animation that entertains us for half hour, so perhaps that will be next years Christmas present sorted out.


On the History Side


I continue to update the Family Histories of the various Publishers. I have added John Fairburn and his family that must have rubbed shoulders with the Skelts in the Minories, in London. John Fairburn wasn’t a toy theatre publisher like the others on the Publishers page, but he was agent to JK Green and did produce a fine set of theatrical portraits, so I think he is worth a mention.


Laurie Webb has put me straight on a couple of presentation issues regarding the Park family and these will be corrected shortly. It shows that at least one person reads my humble jottings and it all seems much more worthwhile.




The Events archive has been updated.


More news shortly.


Hugo Brown

Great Great Great Grandson of JK Green.


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