Issue 14 – October 2009




Welcome to the fourteenth news bulletin for “Hugo’s Toy Theatre”.


I have been very busy updating this web site over the past few months.


I have added many images to the Images section, including many non-Green items. I have just finished updating the images for all the plays. Hopefully, I have shown some images that most of you will have not seen before. Every single play sheet bar 3 has been uploaded, that’s over 1,000 sheets, probably the most extensive toy theatre archive available for the public to view, and all for free. What’s more you can view from the comfort of your own armchair; can’t be bad.


Now the plays are finished, I will then revisit each one to expand on the explanatory notes, which will hopefully help in the understanding of both the plays and the plates that made up the plays.


The final part of the picture will be the inclusion of the playbooks. This may need a secondary site, due to the limited space I have left on the current site. These require more research, so I expect this to take more time.


Please callback to the News & Updates page and click on “Updates” and you should see what has been added recently.


The Search for Works of JK Green


Nothing to add this time as far a JK Green is concerned. However, I have located a few interesting images. These are backgrounds scenes created by J Redington, so that a finished coloured character could be placed in the centre of the scene. These will appear on the image files later.


The Life & Works of JK Green


Blurb Book still ongoing.


Nigel Peever has created a wonderful Blurb Book, full of life size images of his collection – over 400 sheets. This book is available direct from Blurb. Not cheap, but in my humble opinion worth every penny.


On the History Side


I was going to say that there was nothing to add on the History side of things, when all of sudden a vast amount of the LMA (London Metropolitan Archive) records have become available on the site. These include indexed parish records for approximately half of London. This has turned up all sorts of interesting facts about the family histories of the leading toy theatre protagonists.


As far as JK Green is concerned, I had believed that he had only (only! – still high by today’s standards) six children, with one known to have died in infancy, the first John Kilby Green junior. However, following the parish registers for south London, I have found three more definite children and one highly likely child, making a grand total of ten. First came Susannah, whom I had first thought came from JK Green first marriage, but now appears to be far more likely to come from his union with Susannah Dimmock around 1830. Next came John Green in 1832, but he died shortly afterwards. Then came the already known children of JK Green (b1833-Died 1835), Sarah Green (b1835) and JK Green (b1837). My direct line ancestor George James Green was next, but I hadn’t seen the record of birth until now. However in 1845 I found the baptism of three children to JK Green and his wife Susannah. These were GJ Green (b1838), a William Henry Green (b1842) and Clara Green (b1845). This pleased me greatly, so at long last I found the birth of GJ Green, but the added bonus was the birth William Henry. Clara Green was already known about from her GRO Birth Certificate. William Henry Green, however, did not appear on the 1851 census. Sadly the burials records for 1846 showed me why, as his life had been cut short. I will get the death certificate to find out the cause of death, but I suspect he fell victim to one of the many common diseases which plagued London at the time. This may explain the lack of plays produced by JK Green around this time. The final child to be found was Phoebe Green (b1851). So 10 children in all, and many more leads to help search for the marriage of JK Green and Susannah Dimmock. I am sure the wonders of the Internet will help me find this in the fullness of time.


As for the other publishers, several interesting facts have been discovered, not least the signatures of Orlando Hodgson, John Redington, Archibald Alexander Park, William George Webb, Henry James Webb and Benjamin Pollock.


The family history files for all the great Toy Theatre publishers have been updated, with some very interesting details.




The Events archive has been updated, but sadly I have heard little of any new events.


More news shortly.


Hugo Brown

Great Great Great Grandson of JK Green.


Hugo Brown

13 High Street