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Issue 9 – 18th July 2005


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Welcome to this the ninth news bulletin for “Hugo’s Toy Theatre”.


The Plays


I have started at long last to update the plays. So far I have updated the following plays, to include a thumbnail picture of each plate and a short history of the play. The latter being a little patchy at present, but I will expand these as time permits:-



The Miller & His Men

Robert Macaire

Red Rover

The Forty Thieves

The Brigand


My aim is to upload at least one per week. So far I have been doing more than this rate, but I doubt I will be able to keep this up.


Some may wonder why the backgrounds are coloured. Well, there is a reason. If the background is green then there will be a link to a larger image. If it is yellow, then that means I have an image in my collection with JK Green’s imprint. If it is white then I probably only have Pollock’s print. I will colour code Pollock and Redington images also at some point, but at present I just want to get the bulk of the plays into some sort of order.


My ultimate aim for the plays is to have the Title Sheet shown for all plays, plus a limited number of images from each play. The latter will represent character sheets and scene sheets that are only included because there is some point of interest within the image or there is some known history about how the plate was produced or subsequently printed.


If any of you out there have a story to tell about a plate or image, please let me know, as it will help to add interest and a different perspective to my own.


Side Wings


If anyone has a copy of No. 37 please let me know. This is the only side wing I haven’t seen in any form. No.37 only appeared in Green’s “Life of a Soldier” and was not re-published by Redington or Pollock. Therefore it is only likely to exist as an original Green print. The plate doesn’t appear to be present at Pollock’s Toy Museum and none of my present contacts has a copy either.


Click here to see the WINGS page.


The Playbooks


I had wanted to include the playbooks on the play pages too, but in order to make the pages readable on the web-site I have to use a resolution and file size that would be just too large. Therefore I have started a little printing press for certain playbooks in my possession. If anyone would like to purchase one of these I charge £5 per book plus a small fee to cover P&P. These are facsimile copies printed in full colour and made into a booklet exactly like the original. Pollock’s playbooks are extremely close to the original in looks and it is hard to tell them apart (except by touch). The JK Green playbooks are much harder to recreate due to their delicate nature, printed on the thinnest of paper, which is now very old, but these too are faithful reproductions.


Click here to see the new Sales Page.


The Publishers


I have added a new timeline for the major Publishers. This shows when they were active and their relationship to other Publishers.


Click here to see the Publisher Timeline.


The Webb Festival is rapidly approaching. Laurie Webb, a direct descendent of the Webb dynasty, will present his family history findings at the event and has promised me the opportunity to use his findings in updating the Publishers family histories on my web-site afterwards.


Click here to see the latest news about the Webb Festival, including a booking form for the most exciting event for the Toy Theatre in the UK for many years.



More news in a month’s time.


Hugo Brown

3x Great Grandson of JK Green.




Hugo Brown

Ash House

43 Ely Road

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