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Issue 8 – 22nd April 2005


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Welcome to this the eighth news bulletin for “Hugo’s Toy Theatre”.


A Busy Time


This has been a busy time for me, mainly because I have changed jobs and have had little time to dedicate to Toy Theatres, but I have now settled in and hopefully I will find a few hours to continue with the up date of the plays.


History Section


A few updates to Chapters 8 & 9, which are worth a look. Including the original Times Obituary Column for Benjamin Pollock.


Jack Sheppard


Peter Ross has kindly lent me an almost complete set of Green’s “Jack Sheppard”. Luckily the few sheets I had for this play actually filled the gaps in Peter’ collection, so between us we now have a complete “Jack Sheppard”. Furthermore I have been fortunate to find a few better copies of many of the other sheets in Peter’s collection.


Side Wings


These are almost complete with just wings No. 23 from “Rookwood” & No. 37 from “Life of a Soldier” missing. I now have a copy of No. 23 and will post that up shortly, but if anyone has a copy of No. 37 please let me know.


Click here to see the new WINGS page


A Must see


This is Redington Theatre in GRAND Style. I look forward to see the finished article at the Webb Festival in October 2005.



More news in a month’s time.


Hugo Brown

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