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Issue 7 – 7th January 2005


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Welcome to this the seventh news bulletin for “Hugo’s Toy Theatre”.


I wish a happy new year to all my web-site visitors.


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A Year in Toy Theatre


It is a year and a day since I discovered my 3x great grandfather’s involvement in the invention of the Toy Theatre. Over the last year I have discovered so much about my most illustrious ancestor, who was born more than 214 years ago. I probably know more about him than most of my more recent ancestors, yet there is still so much yet to be discovered. I am still not sure what happened to JK Green during the “missing years” between 1814 and 1832. Did he join the army? It seems most likely and I will continue to search for the proof. When and where did he marry Susannah Dimmock, or did he marry her at all? Finally I have yet to find the birth details for my 2x great grandfather George James Green. Many more visits to the London Metropolitan Archives are required and I suspect most of the answers will still elude me, but I will persevere.


The Christmas break has given me little time to do much on the web-site. What I have done is mainly cosmetic. I have revamped the title pages. I have edited all the History Pages, so this area should be a little more coherent than my previous ramblings. Obviously there is still a lot to do in this section


Family History Section


The Family History Section has been expanded to cover the principal families in the Toy Theatre world. The Parks and the Webbs will be updated after the Webb Festival later this year. Laurie Webb has spent a lot of effort collating the information concerning his family tree and the relationship between the Webbs and the Parks. He will present his finding at the Webb Festival. Once he has presented his information I will make available my own findings. In the mean time I have had a look at William West and the Skelt family.






I am slowly updating the plays into a new format. So far 5 have been started. This is going to be a slow process as I am trying to investigate the history of the plays as well as Green’s plates etc.



Miller & His Men

Red Rover

Wapping Old Stairs



Side Wings


I have also started on the Side Wing Plates. These are relatively quick to create, so I hope to finish these by the end of January 2005.


Click here to see the new WINGS page


More news in a month’s time.


Hugo Brown

3x Great Grandson of JK Green.




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