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Issue 6 – 27th October 2004


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Welcome to this the sixth news bulletin for “Hugo’s Toy Theatre”.


Over the past month or so I have concentrated on the History and Family History Sections of this web-site.


History Section


I have expanded the History Section to include 11 Chapters, 5 Appendices and 8 Transcripts. The chapters have to be kept short, especially with large images thereon as these take longer to load. I have little free time available to produce this web-site, as I have a full time job and a young family to look after, so I have spent more time writing than checking, so please forgive any typos and the odd sentence that doesn’t make sense. All will be corrected in time.


Eight new transcripts have been added to the History Section:-


1.      There is the transcript of the complete interview between William West and Henry Mayhew in 1850.

2.      Then there is the transcript for the most famous article in toy theatre history, that of Robert Louis Stevenson and his essay on “The Penny Plain and Tuppence Coloured”.

3.      Frank Jay’s diary in “Peeps into the Past” dated from 1921, shows the passion one collector had for William West’s works, plus short notes on many of the other publishers.

4.      Lastly there are 5 articles, mostly by MW Stone, written for “Collectors Miscellany”, detailing one collector’s enthusiasm for collecting toy theatre memorabilia during the mid 1930’s. 


Family History Section


I have also added many pages of information relating to the Family History of JK Green and his children. Furthermore I have added Family History pages for the Redingtons and Pollocks. The latter pages are mostly drawn from Census Returns, so if anyone has any more information to add, just drop me an e-mail or letter (my address is at the bottom of this page). Looking through the family histories for the Redingtons and Pollocks has thrown up a couple of interesting facts.








Wapping Old Stairs – in new format – continues slowly. I have now transcribed 10 of the 15 scenes and put images to the first 5.

Click here to see Wapping Old Stairs.


More news in a month’s time.


Hugo Brown

3x Great Grandson of JK Green.




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