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Issue 5 – 3rd October 2004


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Welcome to this the fifth news bulletin for “Hugo’s Toy Theatre”.


Since my last news bulletin I have updated all the plays into a standardised format. This is a temporary stopgap, whilst I come up with a sensible way to present each play.  My first attempt at this can be seen with “Wapping Old Stairs”. Here you will see the complete frontispiece together a complete transcript of the play, scene by scene (not complete yet). The main scene image will be depicted at the top of each scene, with cut out characters appearing where they do in the text. Let me know what you think!


I have spent a lot of time re-writing the history section, with more to come. Each chapter is growing and soon I will have to split some of the chapters up to create new ones.


I plan, over the next few months, to concentrate on the history and family history sections, developing both JK Green’s own family history and that of all his children, with special attention to George James Green and his descendents. As a result there will be few new images uploaded. I will try to add a few images as illustrations for the various history chapters and appendices, so it will be worth visiting the updates page every now and then to see if I have added anything new. In the mean time you will have to make do with the limited images currently available. If any one would like to see a particular image, please let me know and I’ll see what can be done, (that is, if I have the image in question).



I have acquired the “Pollock’s Lighting” rig specially designed to operate with “The Regency Theatre”. It dates from the 1940’s as it clearly states “Benjamin Pollock Limited - Adelphi”. Benjamin Pollock Limited was formed around 1946 and didn’t move out of their Adelphi offices until 1950.The condition is not particularly good, with significant corrosion present, but it was complete with instructions. So does anyone know what voltage was to be obtained from an “Eveready Type 800” battery?



I was lucky enough to be invited to a birthday party to celebrate George Speaight’s 90th birthday. This was held at the “Theatre Museum” in Covent Garden. There was a star turn by David Drummond as William West and band of players performed Horatio Blood’s “Baron Speaighthausen”, a Juvenile Drama about the life of George Speaight in typical Juvenile Drama rhyme.


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More news in a month’s time.


Hugo Brown

3x Great Grandson of JK Green.