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John Redington – Portraits 1-80

Redington numbered most but not all of his portraits.

There seem to be significant gaps in the numbering sequence, but I keep finding missing portraits that fill the missing numbers.


No. 13 seems to be the first of the sequence. “Mr Palmer as Ahasuerus in the Triumph of the Jewish Queen”, which was originally a JK Green portrait, who in turn had taken it from Lazerus.


However, No.1 – No.12 form the number pattern for Redington’s Military Characters.

Then we have a gap to No. 25, which was another set of Military Characters.

I have recently found No.26 and No.27, again taken from Green, in the form of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.

Then we have another gap to No. 38 and the Harlequinade character of “Sprite”

Thereafter, I have found around about half of the numbers between No. 43 to No. 181.


I will continue to search to explain the gaps.


No.013 Mr Palmer as Ahasuerus-RC-PM-R.jpg

13       Mr Palmer as Ahasuerus in the Triumph of the Jewish Queen

No.027 Queen Victoria-RP-AP-6669.jpg

26       Prince Albert

No.027 Queen Victoria-RP-AP-6669.jpg

27       Queen Victoria

No.038 Sprite-RC-DP.jpg

38       Sprite

No.043 Mr NT Hicks as Claude Duval-RC-PM-R.jpg

43       Mr NT Hicks as Claude Duval

No.044 Mr EF Saville as Union Jack-RC-PM-R.jpg

44       Mr EF Saville as Union Jack

No.046 Madame Auriol as Columbine-RC-PM-R.jpg

46       Madam Auriol as Columbine

No.047 Mr GV Brooke as Othello-RC-PM-R.jpg

47       Mr GV Brooke as Othello

No.048 Mr Mead as Hotspur-RC-PM-R.jpg

48       Mr Mead as Hotspur

No.049 Mr Marston as Prince Henry-RC-PM-R.jpg

49       Mr Marston as Prince Henry

No.062 Mr NT Hicks as Morden Brenner-RC-PM-R.jpg

62       Mr NT Hicks as Morden Brenner

No.065 Mr Kean as Iago-RC-nk-R.jpg

65       Mr Keen as Iago

No.069 Mr Creswick as Cassius-RC-PM-R.jpg

69       M Creswick as Cassius

No.070 Mr Phelps as Coriolanus-RC-PM-R.jpg

70       Mr Phelps as Coriolanus

No.074 Mr Phelps as Sir John Falstaff-RC-PM-R.jpg

74       Mr Phelps as Sir John Falstaff

No.077 Sir Glorion Knight of St John-RP-DP.jpg

77       Sir Glorion Knight of St John

No.078 Keham the Saracen Chief-RC-PM-R.jpg

78       Kehama the Saracen Chief

No.079 Alphonzo-RP-DP.jpg

79       Alponzo

No.080 The Blood Red Knight-RC-PM-R.jpg

80       The Blood Red Knight


John Redington - Portraits 81-181