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Hugo’s Toy Theatre

Benjamin Pollock – Fairy Characters

New Fairies (r2x5)-PC-PM-P.jpg


There are no numbers on the Fairies, so I have numbered them in accordance with the number of characters in each row.


New Fairies (r1x4 r1x2 r1x8 r1x4)-PC-PM-P.jpg

New Fairies (r3x4 r1x8)-PC-PM-P.jpg

Hence 4-2-8-4

This time we have 4-4-4-8

All the characters here are repeats from 4-2-8-4


New Fairies (r2x5)-PC-DP.jpg


New Fairies (r3x5)-PC-PM-P.jpg


All appear to be repeats of the top character in 4-2-8-4