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Orlando Hodgson - Family History

1819 M - O Hodgson = S Warwick (O Hodgson Signature).jpg



Orlando William Henry Hodgson


(18th May 1819)

Sarah Warwick



Emma Hodgson

(Chr 14-Sep-1823)

Thames Ditton, Surrey



Ellen Hodgson

(Chr 14-Sep-1823)

Thames Ditton, Surrey

= Joseph Perryman

(Mar 23-Dec-1848)

St John Waterloo



Eliza Hodgson

(Chr 25-Nov-1827)

(Born 30-Oct-1827)

St John Zachary

= Philip Last

(Mar 5-Feb-1850)

St Andrew, Holborn




Fanny Hodgson

(Chr 25-Apr-1830)


(Buried 2-Aug-1831)

St Bartholomew the Great





Jemima Maria Hodgson

(Chr ?)

= Henry John Dunham

(Mar 12-Jan-1862)

St John Waterloo




Little is known of Orlando Hodgson’s family history, so it was with great delight that I discovered several documents that shed some light into Orlando Hodgson’s origins.


1819 M - O Hodgson = S Warwick (Cut).jpg


Shortly after his marriage Orlando Hodgson appeared at the Old Bailey as the victim of what today would seem a very petty crime.


GEORGE WATKINS, theft : simple grand larceny, 18th September, 1820.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t18200918-121


Trial Summary:

Original Text:

1020. GEORGE WATKINS was indicted for stealing, on the 15th of August, one ream of foolscap paper, value 21 s., and one other ream of pot paper, value 10 s. 6 d. , the goods of Orlando Hodgson .

WILLIAM SHUTER . I am an officer. On the 15th of August, I was going down Hosier-lane, near Cow-lane, I heard the cry of Stop thief! and saw a man running down George Inn-yard; I remained to meet him, and found the prisoner watching; I took him to Mr. Hodgson, whose wife said she saw him take two reams of paper, which had been brought in by another person.

ORLANDO HODGSON. I am a stationer. The paper is mine.

Prisoner's Defence. A man gave me the paper to carry.


London Jury, before Mr. Common Sergeant.


For the original please go to the Old Bailey Website and search under t18200918-121



Orlando Hodgson appears at 21 Maiden Lane, Wood Street in 1830 as his imprint shows on the cover of “The History of Jack the Giant Killer”. Soon after he moved to 10 Cloth Fair, West Smithfield, the address he used on most of his published works.


The 1841 Census found Orland Hodgson living in Warton Lane, Isleworth. His wife did not appear and none of his children were present. This would indicate that Sarah Hodgson had possibly died and that the offspring had flown the nest, however due to the nature of the 1841 Census, we can not be sure, as no condition of the named persons was given. It would have been useful to see if Orland Hodgson was a widower or not.


Census Extract 1841

HO107-658-8 Folio 5 - Page 1

Warton Lane, Isleworth.




Born in County

Orlando Hodgson




Harriott Carne


Female Servant


Thomas Carne




John Watson


Male Servant



The London Commercial Directory for 1843 finds Orlando Hodgson, bookseller, publisher, &c at 111 Fleet St.


Beyond 1843 no sign of Orland Hodgson appears. No record on subsequent Censuses and no burial or death record.


His name appears on the marriage certificates of three of his children, as the father. No note of him being deceased is made, but this is not conclusive.