Past Events


Printing the Toy Theatre – Exhibition - November 2006

 (St Brides Library, London)

Victoria Print Plate LR

 ‘We can’t turn ’em out fast enough’

Our speaker David Powell is the author of William West and the Regency Toy Theatre (2004) and W. G. Webb and the Victorian Toy Theatre (2005).

Born Hull 1955, he studied Literae Humaniores at Wadham College, Oxford, 1973–77.

Since 1982 he has been employed as Senior Special Cataloguer at the Congregational Library, London and has since 1993 been a Trustee of Pollock’s Toy Museum.


And so the Exhibtion was duly opened.


There were many interesting items, especially to me as a variety of JK Green items were on display.


State Secrets

 Mathews State Secrets S01.jpgSTAT-S01-GP-PM-G1854.jpg

Mathews copied scene in the “Secret Despatches”, to be very easily confused with Green’s “State Secrets”

But wait! There are a few cobblestones missing and some sky shading has been added.

Mathews must have etched his version to a copperplate using Green’s original and added or subtracted a few details.


(Mathews’ Copper Plate.

Showing where the cobblestones were removed and a slightly different colour copper where the sky shading was added

Very well done)


Pollock’s Richard III



Pollock’s imprinted version of Richard III. Never actually released.


Green’s Miniatures in The Corsican Brothers and Three Fingered Jack.




Greens 16s No31x3.jpgGreens 16s No30x3.jpg

No. 31 Corsican Brothers and No. 30 Three Fingered Jack


Green’s Wapping Old Stairs Scene Sheet No. 2





The original drawing for Green’s Wapping Old Stairs Scene No.2


Green’s Blackbeard Plates – acquired by WG Webb









The event open day was concluded with a wonderful performance of Cinderella by Joe Gladwin




Joe Gladwin performed his own version of Cinderella to a packed house, to complement a wonderful exhibition.